Do Quibi's Problems Come Down to a Confusing Name?

I'll come proper out and say that I believe Quibi is a complicated title. But that isn’t essentially a foul factor. Let me clarify. Good names are often solely good within the rearview mirror. At the time they're created, they appear dangerous and generally dumb.
Are Google and Apple inherently good names, or do they take pleasure in a rosy rear view? Probably the latter.

Terrible timing has actually contributed to a troublesome begin for the Jeffrey Katzenberg-founded mobile-video platform, which launched earlier this spring. Still, possibly it isn’t simply the timing. Maybe they made dangerous choices.

Maybe the product doesn’t match. A reputation ought to be judged primarily based on how nicely it matches the corporate’s standards, not on public notion. Because, as talked about, success shades how we understand the corporate, not the power of the title. Phil Rosenzweig calls this tendency to be biased by success The Halo Effect.

An organization that raises practically $2 billion ought to plan for achievement. They actually deliberate a naming technique with that in thoughts. The standards assumed fast adoption within the U.S. and fast adoption overseas.

Quibi is purpose-built for journey. It feels acquainted within the UK with its shut tie to the slangy quid. You can think about the French embracing it as "Kee-bee," just like Quebec. It is at dwelling in Arabic and Hindi.

The alternating consonant/vowel, consonant/vowel building is paying homage to one of the well-traveled manufacturers, Coca-Cola.

However, these positives aren’t optimistic within the present gentle. If the naming technique assumes fast utilization within the U.S. and that doesn’t occur, the worldwide aptitude places up boundaries to a skeptical stateside viewers with extra time on their fingers than common.

The main impediment is unclear pronunciation.

We have all been in a bar and turn out to be involved in an unique beer, solely to order the IPA as a result of we didn’t know easy methods to pronounce the opposite one.
Same with a dish in a restaurant or an writer in a bookstore. 

People, generally, don’t wish to look silly, and few issues make you're feeling as silly as saying one thing incorrectly.

There are a few ambiguous factors in Quibi. I mispronounced it earlier than I heard somebody say it. Rhyme is among the elements that enhance memorability in a phrase; possibly I used to be making an attempt to drive it into the title.

Also, the choice to finish the title in "-i" relatively than "-y" makes the phrase look extra French. I discovered myself saying "Kee-bee" as I used to be studying to myself. It feels extra snappy, extra energetic and in-line with fast snippets of content material.

The second hangup is with the tagline. Currently, it reads: “Quick bites. Big stories.” That leads you to assume the title is a mix of the phrases fast and chew. But, because the reader, you rapidly rethink this as a result of saying it "Kwi-bye" doesn’t appear proper.

It doesn’t really feel or look proper, and you might be left a bit of confused. If you mix fast and large, you get nearer to the suitable pronunciation, however fast and large aren’t as significant as fast and chew.

I'll admit to Googling the title to determine its pronunciation. There had been a number of movies, which in all probability isn’t a superb signal. The title is meant to be pronounced like "Quimby" with out the -m, which is the final level of confusion.
With this pronunciation, you'll anticipate the extra normal English spelling of Quiby.

All will not be misplaced, although. Defying expectations generally is a good factor. The result's memorability. The extra you must take into consideration the title, the extra seemingly you may be to recollect it.

If Quibi can overcome launching in a pandemic by offering customers with nice content material, and assuming it may possibly transfer rapidly overseas, then I believe we'll all be wanting again in 10 years pondering: “Damn, Quibi is a really great name.

” If not, I'm afraid it should find yourself with the Nova within the dustbin of misunderstood and misremembered names that we don’t like as a result of the product didn’t stay as much as our expectations.
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